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At Anmasi we take great pride in controlling the entire process of designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing your industrial cleaning solution. Our  dedicated employees and loyal subcontractors constitute a comprehensive and competent organization focused solely on customer satisfaction. Our own R&D and production facilities deliver the solutions you need, and our service organization keep them up and running. Around the world and around the clock.

We get your job done

In addition to manufacturing our own standard and custom solutions we also have our own production of filters, and we carry all other necessary parts and accessories in stock. Our in-house experts are always standing by to assist you, whenever you need help. At our lab we are able to test the purity of your subjects to make sure that the desired cleaning solution actually meets your demands.

We’ve got you covered

Our service organization is spread out both nationally and internationally. No matter where you are, and where you need us, we are never far away. Our broad expertise extends across industries, borders and technologies including robot cleaning systems and other advanced solutions.

Anders Hedeby Sørensen, Partner

Exhibition plan 2019

Anmasi again in 2019 participates in a large number of fairs in Europe where you can find us with our large booth in both Denmark and Germany. In addition, we participate in several fairs in Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands through our partners.

Over the past few years, our product range has grown larger as well as our exhibition stand, which is repeated this year, with a stand of 60 m2 in Denmark at the Industrial fair in Herning. In addition, we continue with the stand of 70 m2 at our trade fairs in Germany, which allows us to bring virtually our complete portfolio of products for industrial cleaning and filtration of liquids.

This year, therefore, you will find spray washing systems, ultrasonic cleaners, conveyor washers, central filter systems, magnetic separators and oil separators on our booth. In addition, this year we are introducing a brand new product which is an ultrasonic cleaning system designed for cleaning parts with isopropyl alcohol and similar liquids.
This ultrasonic cleaning system is ATEX zone 2 approved and comes standard with washing, rinsing and drying of parts and is mainly targeted at the 3D printing industry where this type of ultrasonic cleaner is in demand.

We look forward to meeting you all over Europe at different fairs and if you are in doubt about where you can find us then there is a fair plan below:

Description and location

CLEAN 2019 Veldhoven – Holland (Gibac) – 26.03.2019
Hannover Industri Messe Hannover – Tyskland – 02.04 – 05.04.2019
METAAL DAGEN De Brabantse – Holland 10.04 – 12.04.2019
EURO EXPO Värnamo – Sverige (Allkal) 28.08 – 29.08.2019
EURO EXPO Sundsvall – Sverige (Allkal) 11.09 – 12.09.201
EMO MESSE Hannover – Tyskland 16.09 – 20.09.2019
HI MESSE Herning – Danmark 01.10 – 03.10.2019
EURO EXPO Borlänge – Sverige (Allkal) – 16.10 – 17.10.2019
Parts2Clean Stuttgart – Tyskland – 22.10 – 24.10.2019
Formnext Frankfurt – Tyskland – 19.11 – 22.11.2019

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Automatic ultrasonic cleaning

This is our spray washer for heavy-duty parts with a pneumatic front cover. It is a very compact and reliable cleaning system for a wide range of applications.

Available standard modules:
• Spray washing
• Spray rinsing
• Hot air drying.



This is our rotating basket system designed for high precision cleaning of complex parts. It is designed in modules and customized to meet customer requirements.

Available modules:
• Ultrasonic cleaning
• Spray washing
• High-flow flooding
• Hot air drying
• Vacuum drying



This is our most popular ultrasonic cleaning system which is manufactured as a single and multistage machine depending on the cleaning application.

Available modules:
• Ultrasonic cleaning
• Spray washing
• Rinsing with turbulence
• Hot air drying
• Vacuum drying



This is our fully automatic in-line ultrasonic cleaning system tailored for customer needs. It is a multistage heavy-duty cleaning system designed for around-the-clock operation.

Available modules:
• Ultrasonic cleaning
• Venturi jet-nozzle turbulence
• Spray washing
• Rinsing with turbulence
• >Hot air drying
• Vacuum drying



Anmasi’s customized filtration plants produced in stainless steel for lubricants, oils and process fluids.

Who uses this product?
• Metal industry
• Plastic industry
• Waste water treatment
• Process water recycling
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Anmasi was founded by Jan Hedeby Sørensen who has 30 years of experience in industrial cleaning equipment and solutions.

The fundamental purpose of the company is to be a one-stop-shop for precision cleaning equipment. Not only do we design and deliver both standard and custom solutions. We also provide global installation and maintenance and keep all vital parts and accessories in stock to ensure quick delivery and minimum
down time for our customers.

Anders Sørensen, Partner
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Installed solutions

Our solutions are based on years of experience and is tailored to specific needs, no matter if its a standard- or customized solution.