Anmasi – Washing systems, filter systems and chemical products

Anmasi – Washing systems, filter systems and chemical products

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Anmasi – Washing systems, filter systems and chemical products

Epoxy remover without the use of strong solvents

We offer solutions designed for the removal of epoxy in various states without the use of strong solvents such as acetone.

Epoxy remover
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ENVOTHERM SOLUTION is moving to new production facilities.

Anmasi Group took over Envotherm A/S in February 2022 after their bankruptcy. The new company, Envotherm Solution A/S, has now spent 2 years solving production and delivery of new systems after the bankruptcy.

Naturally, it takes time to rebuild trust with existing customers and with the projects that were in the pipeline after a bankruptcy, but they have actually succeeded to a large extent. Anmasi has also used its know-how and experience to streamline the series production of evaporation plants, improving competitiveness through better procurement and more efficient assembly. Envotherm’s evaporation plants are and were among the most efficient plants on the market with low energy consumption and similarly high efficiency. They had developed and succeeded with this over more than 30 years.

As the next step in the process of improving Envotherm’s future, they are moving from their address in rented premises in Vojens to brand new premises of 1000 m² in an expansion at Anmasi’s current headquarters in Grindsted. For the next 2 weeks, the entire setup with assembly, commissioning, and subsequent delivery to customers will take place from Thorsvej 240, Grindsted, and former employees with their many years of knowledge will be relocating to the address.

Envotherm fits well into Anmasi Group. There is increasing interest in wastewater reuse to achieve a greener profile in companies today, and Envotherm Solution can help with this alongside the other companies in Anmasi Group.

Anmasi Group is also building a new headquarters for its subsidiary FILCO ApS in Kjellerup, which will be completed by the end of March, where production of filtration systems, etc., will take place. The current premises cannot handle the increased production and development that Filco has undergone in recent years.

Anmasi Group has subsidiaries in Sweden and Germany, and there is a large network of distributors in the remaining part of the EU. Anmasi Group currently employs a total of 35 people.