Anmasi – Washing systems, filter systems and chemical products

Anmasi – Washing systems, filter systems and chemical products

Your expert in total solutions for the metal industry, plastics industry, food and pharmaceuticals.

Anmasi – Washing systems, filter systems and chemical products

Epoxy remover without the use of strong solvents

We offer solutions designed for the removal of epoxy in various states without the use of strong solvents such as acetone.

Epoxy remover
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CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

As a company, we have a responsibility towards our surroundings, the local community, employees, customers, and partners. This is a responsibility that we at Anmasi Group take very seriously, so that we can contribute to a positive development in society and environment. 

Therefore, we work actively with several areas in the company that can contribute with this both in the short and long term.  

Quality policy

For us, quality is about taking responsibility as a supplier, because quality is much more than just a good product. It is about taking responsibility for what we deliver from start to finish without compromising on the solution. 

The responsibility we take as a manufacturer helps to ensure this high quality in our solutions, which is achieved by dedicatedly working with the following values: 

This word briefly describes everything we work with as a company. Because we are specialists in cleanliness and do not deal with anything else, around the clock! We only offer solutions for cleaning parts, process fluids and wastewater in industry. 

This dedication to what we do – ensuring that you always get a high-quality solution that is well thought out and based on many years of experience. 

We believe that good solutions are achieved through cooperation, both with customers and suppliers. Therefore, we work actively to create long-term relationships with all our partners. 

Because through cooperation with our suppliers, we achieve the best quality and service, in addition, we ensure that the supplier knows our requirements for the products. 

The same applies to the cooperation between us and customers, the longer the cooperation has lasted the better we know your requirements – thereby ensuring that the customer’s expectations and requirements are met. 

In short, we create better and high-quality solutions through collaboration throughout the value chain. 

Our employees are the key to success in all areas, including quality. Therefore, we work actively to attract and retain qualified and committed employees. 

This is done in close dialogue with the employees, and by offering them attractive conditions in the form of health care, lunch, proper equipment, flexibility in everyday life and much more. 

We try to involve employees so that they live up to our values and contribute actively to our ambitious quality goals, environmental policy, and development of the company. 

The good service is one of the most important things if you want to deliver good quality. Because quality is more than just a physical product. It is about you as a customer always getting the best service regardless of your needs and size. It is about looking at the delivery, where product, service and knowledge come together. 

Anmasi is committed to this quality policy, where the solution is in focus, to achieve the best quality and improve our and the customer’s competitiveness. This is ensured by dedicating cooperation with customers and suppliers and constantly focusing on our core values. 

Anmasi has implemented a system for quality management, so we are constantly working with continuous improvements of our work processes. This is done both by registering deviations, as well as suggestions from employees in connection with daily operations.

Environmental policy

The earth needs us to take care of it, both as a human being and as a company. Therefor, we work purposefully with the development of our company in a more environmentally friendly direction, both in relation to our products and internal work procedures. At Anmasi Group, we see it as a requirement for a modern company to have the environment in focus when all decisions are made by both management and employees.

We work to target this by: 

  • Develop our product range in a more environmentally friendly direction
  • Invest in environmentally friendly technologies that benefit our customers
  • Work actively to improve our processes so that unnecessary waste is avoided
  • Use environmentally friendly materials, packaging and the like whenever possible
  • Collect data about the environmental impact of our products
  • Reduce the amount of harmful chemicals for us and our customers

We work actively with the above in our organization, so both employees and management always have this in mind when they guide customers, carry out their work and come up with ideas for improvements. 

In connection with this, we will always comply with applicable laws and obligations. In addition, we make demands on our subcontractors regarding the same conditions.

Personnel policy

At Anmasi Group, we want the best framework for our employees by focusing on decency and honesty. In short, we must treat each other well, and be honest with each other so that any challenges and wishes are dealt with correctly. 

It is the same way we want to treat our customers, and therefore our staff is also expected to comply with these keywords when you are employed at Anmasi. In this way, together we create the best working environment.

To develop and ensure the best quality for our customers, we continuously invest in continuing education of our employees so that they constantly develop. It is our wish that employees feel that they never stop improving, and thereby are constantly challenged.

In addition, we want to create a safe environment for our staff, by constantly trying and expanding our employee benefits in the form of health insurance, lunch schemes and the like in a direction that makes sense for both the company and the employees.

It is expected that our employees are open to change, contribute positively to the development and share the company’s vision and strategy around quality, environment, decency, and honesty so that we can develop together every day!

The formal guidelines for staff can be found in our staff handbook, which is provided at the time of recruitment. It is expected that you always comply with applicable legislation and regulations in connection with the working environment




The circular economy, where the focus is on reusing and recycling materials, is one of the most important things to safeguard future generations and reduce resource waste. Therefore, Anmasi Group continuously invests in new technologies internally and optimizes our products. Thus, we can contribute positively to an environmentally friendly society both now and in the future.

In this regard, we have carried out a lot of initiatives in recent years to become more sustainable – both large and small

In connection with the construction of our new headquarters in 2018, we chose to invest in solar cells to cover a large part of our energy consumption both in the office and in production. This saves us money, as well as reduces our CO2 emissions. 

Since 2023, Anmasi Group has exclusively purchased Green Power from wind turbines and other forms of alternative energy. In doing so, we are trying to boost the green transition even more. 

At Anmasi Group, we have chosen to invest in our own evaporation plant for the treatment of wastewater from production. Thus, all the liquid used for testing and demonstrating our washing systems for customers is treated in an environmentally friendly way, after which it can be recycled or discharged. 

In addition, we offer exclusively through service agreements to pick up the wastewater from our customers and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way. This water is so pure that the customer can reuse it in his machines if they want to pick it up again from us! 

In fact, the wastewater treatment plant that is installed is so efficient that after treatment you have water that is cleaner than drinking water, which means you can constantly reuse the same water for testing. This means that virtually no wastewater is discharged into our own production! 

Anmasi Group is a family-owned company and we love nature! Therefore, through the profits of the company and public subsidies, we have planted several thousand trees on the family’s private property. 

This passion for nature means that we have continuously expanded the areas in the family’s ownership and converted mainly agricultural land to forestry. Thus, our CO2 emissions in Anmasi Group are continuously compensated to a certain extent.  

Like other companies, we receive a lot of packages during a working week and send at least as many ourselves. Therefore, we have chosen that all packaging that is not damaged must be recycled at Anmasi Group. Thus, all incoming packages are securely unpacked to protect the packaging, after which it is put in storage so that it can be used for shipping our own goods. 

If we run out of packaging, we have invested in a smaller stock of boxes produced mainly from recycled materials. The same goes for our tape, which is also made from recycled materials! 

Ever since Anmasi Group was founded, the focus has been on creating the leading business within the production and supply of parts cleaning systems to industry in Northern Europe. Right from the start, the owners were convinced that the future lay in creating environmentally friendly solutions if we were to become the market leader. 

This is clearly reflected in the investments that have been made over time. In the past 10 years, 3 companies have been acquired that exclusively deal with products within treatment and recycling of process liquids and waste water. 

The reason why Anmasi Group focuses on wastewater is because water-based cleaning systems during operation often use large amounts of water, which must be constantly purified to extend the life of the liquid.  

The companies we have invested in are the following: 

Solutions for filtration and oil separation of liquids, and specialist in products such as: 

  • Band filter
  • Oil separator 
  • Magnet separator 
  • Central filtration plants


Manufacturer of evaporators for wastewater treatment which remove: 

  • Heavy metals (chromium, nickle etc.)
  • Chemicals
  • Oil
  • Polymers
  • Molecules

German manufacturer of filter systems for large volumes of liquid such as: 

  • Band filter
  • Compact filters
  • Drum  filters

In connection with acquisitions, we have developed the above products so that they can be implemented in our cleaning machines and thereby create a more sustainable solution for the end customer. 

We are very proud of our history in this area and how we as a company have actively taken the environment seriously by investing in competencies that have resulted in our customers getting a sustainable solution! 

All offices and production areas at Anmasi Group have automatic dimming, so you avoid unnecessary lighting in our premises in Grindsted. This helps us save money and reduce CO2 emissions, which contributes positively to the environment.

The first step if you want to reduce energy consumption is to know how much you consume and where you consume the most! Therefore, most of Anmasi Group’s cleaning solutions today are supplied standard with energy monitoring that tells the user how much power, water and chemistry is used during operation. 

Thus, you have an overview of how big a gain can be achieved by optimizing your parts cleaning system. If you want help with this, our consultants are always ready with advice and guidance!

Anmasi Group annually supports a variety of charitable organizations. The support is mainly given to local associations and charities in the field of health, where some receive a fixed amount annually such as the The Danish Cancer Society and Families with children with cancer. 

Charities that have received support from Anmasi Group include:


  • Danish Cancer Society 
  • Families with children with cancer
  • Preserve Ukraine 

Local associations:  

  • Grindsted Speedway 
  • Randbøldal Badelaug 
  • Randbøldal Citizens’ Association
  • Ringive-Lindeballe Sports Association

If you have an exciting association project in the local area, you are always welcome to contact us by phone or email to have a dialogue about whether it is a project we want to support.