Anmasi – Washing systems, filter systems and chemical products

Anmasi – Washing systems, filter systems and chemical products

Your expert in total solutions for the metal industry, plastics industry, food and pharmaceuticals.

Anmasi – Washing systems, filter systems and chemical products

Epoxy remover without the use of strong solvents

We offer solutions designed for the removal of epoxy in various states without the use of strong solvents such as acetone.

Epoxy remover
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In the process of major expansion

Since Anmasi was established in 2012, it has gone from strength to strength. In 2014, they established their own production in Grindsted, and in 2018 they were able to inaugurate a brand new domicile of 1,500 square meters at the same location.

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Now it has become too small, says sales director Anders Hedeby Sørensen.

– We are building a new production hall in Grindsted and expanding by 1,000 square meters. Simply because we are producing more and more, and in particular our own production in Denmark is growing wildly, he says.

New ultrasonic cleaner seizes capacity

Anmasi specializes in the development and production of washing systems and ultrasonic cleaners, and in particular the launch of a new ultrasonic cleaner called Silent Sonic has seized the production site in Grindsted.

– If you are used to ultrasonic cleaners, you will probably think that the sound is a bit annoying. Silent Sonic is especially silent. They make 30 percent less noise than normal ultrasonic cleaners. In addition to that, Silent Sonic is made in a new, energy-friendly design, so that, among other things, we no longer use compressed air, and at the same time it includes energy measures, where we measure power consumption, which has timer control as standard, so you can choose which times of the day you work, and then you can go into standby mode, where it does not use any power, explains Anders Hedeby Sørensen.

Unlike most of Anmasi’s other ultrasonic cleaners, the Silent Sonic must be mass-produced, and this is where the space issues arise.

– It is a facility that we have designed and developed, and we have spent the last two or three years on it. We make 10 at a time, so they are half-finished, and put in stock. Then the customer calls and says they need such a machine, and then we have a long list of 20 different options that can be built on, says Anders Hedeby Sørensen, who continues:

– The ultrasonic cleaner is then produced at home here in Denmark, and that simply means that we have no more space. That is why we are building 1,000 square meters, which should be completed in the first quarter of next year. Clean production hall!

Steering towards a record year

In general, there has been enough to look forward to at Anmasi in recent years, which has offered uninterrupted growth, and Anders Hedeby Sørensen expects this to continue:

– We have never been busier than we are now. It’s completely exploded and we’re going to have a better year revenue-wise this year than we did last year, that’s for sure. Whether we do it in terms of results, I can’t answer that, because we invest a lot, and when you invest a lot, it is sometimes the case that it affects your results, he says.

Along with the physical expansion, Anmasi has also experienced a steady influx of employees in recent times.

– We just got a new man in our electrical department, where we make electrical panels ourselves. Within the last five months, we have employed five employees in Grindsted alone: ​​an automation technician, a new technical manager, two designers to draw machines, and then we got an order processor here last autumn, concludes Anders Hedeby Sorensen.