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Anmasi – Washing systems, filter systems and chemical products

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Anmasi – Washing systems, filter systems and chemical products

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The dialogue with Danfoss, which produces mechanical and electrical components for, among other things, cooling and heating automation, started at a trade show back in 2017. At the time, Danfoss was in charge of replacing a 28-year-old washing system.

The reason was, among other things, that the equipment was outdated and difficult to maintain and could not meet the cleanliness requirements that Danfoss had to meet today. In addition, it had to be further automated, e.g. for reasons of phasing out one-sided repetitive work. (EGA)

The task itself concerned the production of pump housings for oil pumps for residential oil boilers in cast iron, which had to be washed thoroughly both inside and outside in 3-shift operation.

Therefore, Danfoss was in dialogue with a number of suppliers who, based on a specification, had to present a concept according to which the best solution based on cleanliness, quality, sustainability, competences, operational safety and economy would be chosen.

In addition, the requirement was that the supplier should come up with the entire concept, which included not only a new washing facility but also the automation itself between processing before washing and subsequent packing of the items in plastic boxes before they had to proceed to assembly.

All of this was the starting point for the task where we were chosen as supplier not because of the price, but because of Anmasi’s skills in relation to the entire washing concept, after which everything was delivered and installed at the end of 2018.


This resulted in a fully automatic washing facility with two robots in close collaboration with a number of Danish professional partners. This solution can be seen in the video above, where you follow the items from start to finish after processing where they are contaminated with oil and chips.

The solution itself consisted of several elements which included a 5-stage washing system with specially designed spray zones and ultrasonic cleaning in order to meet the strict cleanliness requirements both inside and outside.

In addition, it was delivered with a Masterclean central filter system with band filter, oil separator and buffer tank for continuous filtering of the liquid in the pre-wash tank. This was necessary to be able to handle the large amount of contamination in connection with washing cast components in high volume in 3 shifts.

Because the parts are very complex, they were positioned throughout the machine with a specially designed belt fixture in which the parts are positioned by the robot to achieve the best cleaning result. When the parts have been spraywashed, ultrasonic cleaned and rinsed several times and dried, they move out of the cleaning system, after which the robot places the parts inside transport boxes before moving out of the robot cell.

The washing system was delivered with automatic chemical dosing, water filling, filtration and process and energy monitoring so that the customer can follow not only the washing process but also the consumption of water,

The final result is a greatly improved cleanliness of the pump housings, which has reduced the waste in subsequent assembly and testing processes noticeably and fully in accordance with the customer’s expectations.

“They were chosen as a supplier not due to the price, but Anmasis competencies in relation to the entire cleaning concept”
Ejnar N Paulsen, Project Manager