State-of-the-art ultrasonic cleaning system with full traceability, documentation and process monitoring for medical- and electronic industry.


This ultrasonic cleaning system is designed for the pharmaceutical- and electronics industry. Therefor its designed to meet the strict industry standards within these segments which means its including a complete documentation package, traceability on all washed parts with data tracking, communication module and process monitoring for internal systems.

This washing system is made in complete stainless steel of the highest quality which meets all the requirements for the welds, joints and surfaces of the equipment, for which all welding and materials are fully documented as required in the pharmaceutical industry.

The equipment comes with fully calibrated components with associated certificate, as well as with an advanced control panel where the customer has the possibility to have “calibration assistance” in connection with service, data tracking, reporting and communication with external production system. So that the customer can verify and document which process each cleaned part has been through.

The equipment is offered with a wide range of options depending on the customer’s needs and is produced both as a manual and automatic solution depending on the customer’s needs. Note that all Pharmaline ultrasonic cleaning systems are tailored to the customer’s needs.

The ultrasonic cleaning system is standard with washing and rinsing steps as well as hot air or vacuum drying depending on the type of parts to be cleaned. The documentation package contains standard: DS, DQ, PQ, OQ, IQ, material and welding certificates, technical drawings, electrical diagram, pneumatic diagram, calibration certificates and complies with GMP, FDA and similar standards in the pharmaceutical industry.

Who uses this product?

  • Medical and healthcare industry
    The technology which is most common and guarantees you the best results within medical- and healthcare industry is ultrasonic cleaning. This is why we recommend this product, which is one of our most popular solutions.
  • Electronics
    This industry places extremely high demands to finish, traceability and documentation where this type of machine is the preferred solution. Especially in connection with washing PCB (printed circuit boards), LF ((lead frames), DBC/AMB (Active metal bracing) and fine mechanics etc.
  • Dental and laboratory
    The ultrasonic cleaning systems are widely used for several applications in dental clinics and laboratories and is standard equipment for most within the industry.
  • Automotive industry
    This cleaning system is very popular for applications within the automotive industry, and suitable for large manufacturing outputs and lean production.
Made of 100% stainless steel
The ultrasonic cleaner is made of AISI 316 L stainless steel with the highest quality polished surfaces.
Smart and advanced touch panel
Comes with a Siemens S7-1500 PLC controller including touch screen for operating the equipment.

Both as a manual and automatic solution
The ultrasonic cleaner is offered with both manual handling and pick-and-place system for automatic handling of the parts in the process, ensuring the best process.
Level sensor
Protection of components such as heater, ultrasonic transducer and pump against low fluid level via a pressure transmitter which also visually tells you the current water level on the touch screen.

Complies with GMP, FDA and the like
The ultrasonic cleaner is designed for the pharmaceutical industry and therefore comes with documentation in accordance with current guidelines.
Full documentation package
All documentation is prepared according to the requirements in the industry with material and welding certificates, DQ, OQ and IQ as well as calibration certificates.

Fully isolated
The ultrasonic cleaner is insulated so that we have both have a low noise level and energy consumption.
Adjustable machine feet
The ultrasonic cleaner is with on adjustable machine feet and is also available with transport wheels.

Customized solution
Because all our customers are different, this type of cleaning system is always adapted to your needs in terms of dimensions, process, documentation and materials.
Technical data
ModelPharmaline 80Pharmaline 150
Volume80 l150 l
Basket size:480x320x200 mm600x400x300 mm
Max. weight50 kg50 kg
Frequency40 eller 132 kHz40 eller 132 kHz
Ultrasonic effect1000W2000W
Temperature0 – 85°C0 – 85°C
Heating effect2000W4000W
Power connection3×230/400V, 50 hz.3×230/400V, 50 hz.