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Frontloader - statorhouse

Close cooperation resulted in the delivery of this large washer to a Danish wind turbine manufacturer and was installed at one of their many factories outside Denmark.

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Close cooperation resulted in the delivery of this large cleaning system to a Danish wind turbine manufacturer and was installed at one of their many factories worldwide.

This cleaning system works functionally like our standard frontloader spray washing machines, but otherwise there are not many similarities between the solutions. The whole machine was tailored to the customer’s stator houses from scratch and their internal technical requirements.

For operation purposes we had to load the stator houses at floor height where they were placed on the automatic conveyor with either a crane or forklift, after which the large massive parts were loaded into the cleaning system before closing the large stainless doors automatic.
The parts size is about 1300x1300x2700 mm and weigh up to 5 tons and must be washed both inside and outside, which meant we developed a special spray washing system. This system consisted of our standard rotating spraying system from the top, bottom and sides on the external surface. In addition, we had a specially developed nozzle tube that moves down into the stator housing from above via a gear motor that drives the nozzles up and down during the washing process.
The challenge with this task was not to clean the parts, but the actual handling of such large parts and the heavy weight which required a very strong construction.
The cleaning system was installed without problems, and the customer has subsequently washed stator houses around the clock without any problems or breakdowns.

Who uses this product?

  • Workshops
    Service, maintenance and repair of trucks, cars, bikes, tools or similar tasks benefits greatly from this type of cleaning system, which is very common for this application.
  • Wind Power industry
    We are specialists in cleaning systems for wind power industry. This cleaning system is widely used within the wind power industry in manufacturing of blades, nacelles, gears etc.
  • Metal industry
    Efficiently removes metal chips, oils and contaminants from process fluids used in machining centers. Its possible to filtrate both oils and water-based lubricants.
Large parts
With a part weight about 5.000 kg design and strength of the construction was important.
Customized spraying
The cleaning system were made with a customized spraying system moving inside the parts.

The stator housings had to be loaded in floor height and move automatically into the cleaning system.
Technical data
Part typeStator housing
ContaminationMetal particle, oil
Part size (max.)1300x1300x2700 mm
Part weight (max.)5.000 kg
Machine dimension5480x4800x4400 mm
Power supply125 A