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Beltline - stamping tools

Flexibility, world-class engineering and fast delivery resulted in the manufacturing of two cleaning systems for one of the largest Automotive companies worldwide and the cleaning systems were delivered according to customer requirements within just 16 weeks from order.

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The customer was looking for a high-volume cleaning system combining ultrasonic cleaning and spray washing for their stamping tools used at factories in Holland and Vietnam. The stamping tools themselves came in two parts which had a total weight of about 200 kg and were very sensitive due to the high precision stamping process, secondly the high production volumes meant we had to clean a tool every 20 minute at the factory which was producing parts around-the-clock.

Since the customer was not only looking for a cleaning system but was also very focused on ergonomic handling of the parts the project soon developed to be not only about cleaning, passivation and drying, but also about how we transport these sensitive parts in the most ergonomic way forth- and back inside the tool shop.

This resulted in a tailored cleaning system including both a complete stainless-steel conveyor system between the work tables and a demagnetizer for the stamping tools before cleaning to remove metal chips. Besides this we developed some specially designed trays for placing the tools during transport and cleaning for ergonomic handling and sensitive transport.
Drawings and pictures of the cleaning system can find above, due to restrictions we are not allowed to display pictures of the cleaning system at customer manufacturing plant.

Who uses this product?

  • Metal industry
    Turning, milling, stamping and other machining processes in the metal industry uses this cleaning system with great success to clean oils, grease, lubricants, metal chips etc.
  • Metal industry
    Efficiently removes metal chips, oils and contaminants from process fluids used in machining centers. Its possible to filtrate both oils and water-based lubricants.
  • Automotive industry
    This cleaning system is very popular for applications within the automotive industry, and suitable for large manufacturing outputs and lean production.
  • Aerospace industry
    Similar to the automotive industry, aerospace demands precision cleaning, and at large outputs. For these requirements the cleaning system here is the most common solution depending on the application.
Ultrasonic cleaning and spraying
Tailored cleaning process combining several technologies to achieve the best cleaning result
High volume
Stamping tools with a weight of 200 kg every 15-minute around-the-clock

Fast delivery
Due to our flexible organization we were able to manufacture the system within just 16 weeks, to meet customer requirements.
Handling and transportation
Project including several parts such as conveyor system, cleaning system, drying module, transport trays and integrated demagnetizer.
Technical data
Part typeStamping tools
ContaminationMetal particle, oil
Part size (max.)700x500x400 mm
Part weight (max.)250 kg
Machine dimension6500x2300x2800 mm
Power supply160 A