Leasing might be the right solution for you

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Leasing can be to your advantage, sometimes leasing a industrial cleaing system is better then buying it. Then you avoid to tie up money in the investment and at the same time it can help you to finance a better solution for your specific needs.

We are at Anmasi A/S collaborating with a number of competent partners in the area of leasing, and is therefor always ready to help you with financing your next industrial cleaning system. 


How does leasing work

Shortly spoken the leasing company owns the equipment but you have the right to use it. You are renting the equipment in a give period of time, with a set monthly payment and with the possiblity to have insurance on the equipment.


The process

First we figure out the right solution for you, then we determine the technical requirements and price. When this is done, we draw a leasing agreement together with the leasingbureau.


You transfer the lease payments for the user rights

When we have supplied euipment and its approved by you, we then receive the payment from the leasing bureau. Then the leasing agreement is done and you will start paying the lease either monthly or quarterly, depending on your needs.


If your interested in leasing industrial cleaning equipment from us, small or big please feel free to contact us at any time.