The most efficient solution within ultrasonic cleaning


The ultrasonic cleaner is with a two-step cleaning function which combines ultrasonic cleaning and agitation(dipwash). The machine is construction in stainless steel with a powerful frame construction, cabinet and frontlid with gas springs.

Its well-suited for cleaning complex parts, which lots of holes, channels, screwings and such which makes the part harder to clean.

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Maximatic features

100% stainless steel construction

The ultrasonic cleaner is constructed in stainless steel with a stainless steel tank, cabinet, lid, heating elements and basket.

Pneumatic agitation

Agitation of the basket improving cleaning results and speeds up the process.

Surface skimming of oil

The ultrasonic cleaner has standard surface skimming of oils to a separated tank unit, which extent the lifetime of the procesfluid and gives better cleaning results.

Standard or customized solution

The ultrasonic cleaner can be tailored to your needs with special dimensions, extra options etc.

Automatic waterfilling

The ultrasonic cleaner has automatic waterfilling which ensures the right water level in the tank.

Prepared for ventilation

The ultrasonic cleaner is prepared for ventilation.

Raised immersibles

The ultrasonic cleaner has raised immersibles which places the transducers 100 mm above the bottom to prevent soils from disturbing the ultrasound.

Prepared for filtersystem and oilskimmer

The ultrasonic cleaner is prepared for filtration and oilskimmer.

Double insulated machine

The ultrasonic cleaner is insulated on the tank to reduce heat loss and cabinet to prevent noise.

CE - European machine directive

The ultrasonic cleaner is produced following the European machine directive and the ISO9001:2008 quality management system.

User-friendly analog control

The ultrasonic cleaner has a easy and swift userinterface that makes it easy to install extra options later on.

Adjustable machine feet

The ultrasonic cleaner is placed on adjustable stainless steel machine feet, and can also be aquired with tranportation wheels.

Technical data

Model Maximatic A Maximatic B Maximatic C Maximatic D Maximatic E
Volume 216 L 258 L 362 L 440 L 717 L
Tanksize 620x660x530 mm 660x740x530 mm 680x920x580 mm 680x1120x580 mm 680x1820x580 mm
Basketsize 480x620x450 mm 520x700x450 mm 520x860x500 mm 520x1060x500 mm 520x1760x500 mm
Ultrasonic effect 2,0 kW 2,5 kW 3,5 kW 4,5 kW 7,0 kW
Frequency 25 or 40 Khz 25 or 40 Khz 25 or 40 Khz 25 or 40 Khz 25 or 40 Khz
Temperature 0 - 85°C 0 - 85°C 0 - 85°C 0 - 85°C 0 - 85°C
Heating effect 2,9 kW 3,9 kW 7,5 kW 10,0 kW 12,5 kW
Power supply 230/400V - 16 amp. 230/400V - 16 amp. 230/400V - 16 amp. 230/400V - 25 amp. 230/400V - 25 amp.

Accessory for Maximatic

Stainless steel filtration system

The ultrasonic cleaner can be aquired with a filtration system for the process fluids.


Wide range of baskets in different sizes for handling parts.

Fixtures and holders

Wide range of fixtures and holders to cover every.

Cleaning chemicals

We offer a wide range of neutral, alkaline and acid cleaning chemicals for every need.

Automatic week timer

Automatic on/off controls for the ultrasonic cleaner for saving cost while not in use.

Pump for emptying tank

The ultrasonic cleaner can be aquired with a pump for automatic emptying of the tank.