User-friendly and effective desktop model for covering smaller needs


Good quality ultrasonic cleaner with a high ultrasonic effect. This benchtop model is constructed in stainless steel and has a digital multifunctional user-friendly display. The machine has adjustable frequency, temperature and watt settings. 

Its a very reliable ultrasonic cleaner which is widely used in workshops, laboratories, dental clinics etc.

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CL-series features

Digital multifunctional display

The ultrasonic cleaner has a digital display with frequency, watt, temperature and time settings.

Stainless steel construction

The ultrasonic cleaner is constructed with a stainless steel tank, cabinet and a brass bottom valve

Including basket and lid

The ultrasonic cleaner comes with a basket and lid as a standard.

Bottom valve

The ultrasonic cleaner has a bottom valve in brass for easy emptying of the tank.

Technical data

Volume 4,0 L 5,7 L 16 L 25 L
Tanksize (LxWxH) 245x135x140 mm 300x140x140 mm 325x300x190 mm 500x300x190 mm
Basketsize 190x100x120 mm 245x110x120 mm 250x245x150 mm 450x250x150 mm
Outside dimensions 300x170x300 mm 370x180x300 mm 420x330x420 mm 600x330x420 mm
Ultrasonic effect 160W 240W 320W 640W
Frequency 21,5 / 40 Khz 21,5 / 40 Khz 21,5 / 40 Khz 21,5 / 40 Khz
Temperature 0-80°C 0-80°C 0-80°C 0-80°C

Accessory for CL-series

Wide range of baskets

Baskets in many sizes both with and without a lid.

Fixtures and holders

Get fixtures and holders in different sizes for handling parts carefully.

Cleaning chemicals

Wide range of cleaning chemicals and solvents.

Service agreement

We offer a wide range of service agreements.