Powerful spraywasher designed for industry


Spraywasher constructed in stainless steel with pneumatic front door for easy operation. The machine is manufactured in a strong construction and can handle components up to 2000 kg.

This washing system is characterized by quickly and effectively cleaning simple components related to maintenance tasks where purity requirements are not so high that the new production. The machine is available with a wide range of extra equipment.

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Frontloader features

100% stainless steel construction

The spraywasher is produced in a complete stainless steel construction with stainless steel tank, cabinet, lid, heating elements and basket.

Prepared for ventilation

The spraywasher is prepared for ventilation.

Level sensor

For safeguarding the pump against a low water level.

Rotating spraying system

Stainless steel rotating spray system for efficient cleaning from top, bottom and sides.

3-point spraying

The spraywasher has a effective 3-point spraying system through a stainless steel lance with high pressure and flow rate.

CE - European machine directive

The spraywasher is produced following the European machine directive.

Adjustable machine feet

The spraywasher is placed on adjustable stainless steel machine feet, and can also be aquired with tranportation wheels.

User-friendly touchpanel

Touchpanel with soft-touch buttons and digital tempature view

Noise- and heat insulated

The frontloaders are noise- and heat insulated (only the DF-series)

Coarse filtration

The spraywasher has build-in coarse filtration on water running to the tank unit.

Technical data

Description DF 900 DF 1300 DF 2000 F 1000
Cleaning area Ø900 mm Ø1300 mm Ø2000 mm Ø1000 mm
Cleaning height 625 mm 1050 mm 1400 mm 700 mm
Loading height 920 mm 945 mm 1000 mm 920 mm
Outside dimensions (LxWxH) 1220x1420x2630 mm 1680x1920x3550 mm 2400x2800x4300 mm 1300x1585x2570 mm
Max. weight capacity 500/750 kg kg 500/1000 kg 1000/2000 kg 500 kg
Volume 400 L 600 L 1500 L 500 L
Temperature 30 - 90°C 30 - 90°C 30 - 90°C 30 - 90°C
Pump flow 220 l/min 350 l/min 700 l/min 220 l/min
Pump pressure 4,5 bar 4,0 bar 4,0 bar 4,5 bar
Heating effect 9 kW 18 kW 36 kW 9 kW

Accessory for Frontloader

Stainless steel filtration system

The spraywasher can be aquired with a filtration system for the process fluids.


Wide range of baskets in different sizes for handling parts.

Cleaning chemicals

We offer a wide range of neutral, alkaline and acid cleaning chemicals for every need.

Automatic week timer

Automatic on/off controls for the spraywasher for saving cost while not in use.