Reliable and simple solution for separating oil.


High quality oilskimmer constructed in stainless steel, the machine is designed for high-efficiency separation of oils from process fluids found in CNC-machines, cleaning systems etc.

The oilskimmer is especially efficient because of the large amount of process fluids it can handle pr. hour compared to a normal beltskimmer. The oilskimmer flexible and can be used staionary or as a mobile unit depending on customer needs.

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Oilskimmer features

100% stainless steel construction

The oilskimmer has a strong construction made of stainless steel grade: AISI 304.

Flexible solution

Compact and flexible solution which can be used stationary and as a mobile unit. The oilskimmer only needs a single-phase plug.

Efficient piston pump

The specially developed piston pump ensures high efficiency removal of oils using a suction head in the tank unit.

Continuous draining of oils

The OS-S2 oilskimmer from ensures continuous draining of oils around-the-clock.


The oilskimmer has a simple design which makes its very user- and maintenance friendly.

Extends the life-cycle of the process fluids

Efficient separation of oils extends the life-cycle of the process fluids and lowers costs.

CE - European machine directive

The oilskimmer is manufactured according to the European machine directive.

Technical data

Model OS-S2
Flow capacity 120 l/hour
Separation chambers 1
Electrical connection 220-240V - 50 hz.
Length 305 mm
Width 260 mm
Height 400 mm
Weight 7 kg

Accessory for Oilskimmer