Stainless steel filter housing

Reliable and high quality filter housing for every need


We offer a wide-range of filterhousings in stanless steel for both filterbags- and cartridges.

The filterhousings are constructed following general industrail standards, and can be offered including filtration pumps. The main part of our filterhousings are used in cleaning- and filtation systems for treating process fluids.

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Filterhousings features

100% stainless steel construction

Made in stainless steel and is being manufactured in both stainless steel grade: 304 and 316 L.

Industrial standards

The filterhousings are produced in accordance with general industrial standards, which means filterbags- and cartridges are available worldwide.

CE - European machine directive

The filterhousings are manufactured in accordance with the European machine directive.


All filterhousings can be delivered with manometers for measuring pressure inside the filterhousing.

Extra options

We offer a wide-range of extra options, like pumps differential pressure-meters, magnets etc.

Technical data

No. Name Description Material Filter
1000066 Anmasi P04 Filter housing with manometer AISI 304/316 L Bag - Ø100x380 mm
1000067 Anmasi P01 Filter housing with manometer AISI 304/316 L Bag - Ø180x430 mm
1000068 Anmasi P02 Filter housing with manometer AISI 304/316 L Bag - Ø180x810 mm
6000007 Anmasi TWP-4250 Electro-polished stainless steel housing prepared for differential pressure AISI 316 Vag - Ø180x810 mm
6000009 Anmasi PWL-1 Filter housing for cartridges 7/8" AISI 304/316 L Cartridge - Ø64x254 mm

Accessory for Filterhousings

Filterbags- and cartridges

All our standard filterbags- and cartridges is on stock for fast delivery.

Filtration pumps

Stainless steel and steel pumps for circulation of process fluids.


Magnets for insertion into the filters, used for removing iron-particles and chips from the process fluids.