Compact high-tech cleaning system for complex parts washing


This is our series of cleaning systems with rotating basket for small- and large series of complex parts. The cleaning system is manufactured in standard and special sizes with ultrasonic cleaning, spraywashing, Venturi turbo nozzles and drying.

This high-tech cleaning system is designed to solve even the most complex cleaning tasks and meet high demands of cleanliness.

Contact us for more information about the system, which is manufactured as a all-in-one washer or with multiple steps/cleaning chambers.

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Rotoline features

100% stainless steel construction

The industrial cleaning system is constructed in stainless steel with a stainless steel tank, cabinet etc.

Double insulated machine

The industrial cleaning system is insulated on the tank to reduce heat loss and cabinet to prevent noise.

Siemens S7-1200 PLC control

The industrial cleaning system has a standard Siemens S7-1200 PLC control with 7" touchscreen and process visualization.

Ultrasonic cleaning and spraywashing

Ultrasonic cleaning combined with spraywashing combined with rotating basket creates excellent results!

Raised immersibles

The ultrasonic cleaning system has raised immersibles which places the transducers 100 mm above the bottom to prevent soils from disturbing the ultrasound.

Overflow skimming of oils

Efficient build-in overflow skimming of demulsified oils in the washing tank.

CE - European machine directive

The industrial cleaning system is produced following the European machine directive.

Level sensor

For safeguarding the ultrasonic immersibles, heating elements, pump against a low water level.

High-flow drying

Efficient high-flow drying system with a channel blower and air-knives ensures dry parts

Rotating basket

The rotating basket system can be adjusted to rotate in a 360° angle or just "tipping" from side-to-side depending on part design.

Build-in pressure filter

The cleaning system has a build-in filtration system for improving the process fluids life-cycle.

Prepared for extraction

The cleaning system is prepared for extraction

Technical data

Description ROTOLINE 380 ROTOLINE 530 ROTOLINE 670
Basket size (mm) 371x221x200 521x321x200 651x459x300
Max. part height (mm) 180 180 280
Max. part weight (kg) 15 30 100
Ultrasonic effect (W) 1000W 2000W 4000W
Ultrasonic frequency (kHz) 25 or 40 25 or 40 25 or 40
Pump 150 l/min - 2,0 bar 220 l/min - 3,0 bar 280 l/min - 3,0 bar
Drying blower 3000 l/min 5000 l/min 9000 l/min
Electrical connection 3x230/400V - 50 hz. 3x230/400V - 50 hz. 3x230/400V - 50 hz.
High pressure air 6 bar 6 bar 6 bar

Accessory for Rotoline

Stainless steel filtration system

The cleaning system can be aquired with a filtration system for the process fluids.

Cleaning chemicals

We offer a wide range of neutral, alkaline and acid cleaning chemicals for every need.

Automatic chemical dosing

For easy controlling the chemical dosing of the cleaning system.

Automatic waterfilling

Used for automatic controlling the water level in the tank unit.


Rotating basket washer for complex tasks

Short presentation of how the machine is functioning!