High quality and reliable cleaning system for parts.


This is our high quality series of drumwasher for around-the-clock cleaning of parts within a production. The cleaning systems is available in different sizes for cleaning both low- and high quantities of parts.

The machine is an fully automatic in-line cleaning system which is modular build and is manufactured with both ultrasonic and spraywashing depending on customer needs.

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Drumline features

100% stainless steel construction

The industrial cleaning system is constructed in stainless steel with a stainless steel tank, cabinet etc.

Double insulated machine

The industrial cleaning system is insulated on the tank to reduce heat loss and cabinet to prevent noise.

Siemens S7-1200 PLC control

The industrial cleaning system has a standard Siemens S7-1200 PLC control with 7" touchscreen and process visualization.

Freuqency-regulated drum speed

The rotation-speed of the drum can be adjusted by adjusting the frequency of the motor.

Compact design

The cleaning system has a compact and simple design with many features and easy maintenance


Integrated energy-module for monitoring power-consumption during production.

Alarm system

The cleaning systems has a user-friendly alarm system which in details explain defaults and errors.

Prepared for extraction fan

The cleaning systems is prepared for extraction fan or condensation unit.

Level sensor

For safeguarding the ultrasonic immersibles, heating elements and pumps against a low water level.

Prepared for oil-separator

The drumwasher is prepared for installation of a oil-separator when removing large amount of oils.

Adjustable machine feet

The drumwasher is placed on adjustable stainless steel machine feet.

CE - European machine directive

The industrial cleaning system is produced following the European machine directive.

Technical data

This cleaning system is constructed modular and is manufactured specific to customer needs.

Modules Type
Ultrasonic cleaning Washing zone
Spraywashing Washing and/or rinsing zone
Venturi Jet-turbulence Washing zone
Efterspuling Rinsing zone
Passivering Corrosion protection zone

Accessory for Drumline

Stainless steel filtration system

The drumwasher can be aquired with a filtration system for the process fluids.

Cleaning chemicals

We offer a wide range of neutral, alkaline and acid cleaning chemicals for every need.

Automatic chemical dosing

For easy controlling the chemical dosing of the cleaning system.

Pump for emptying

The drumwasher can be aquired with a pump for automatic emptying of the tank.


Fully-automated drumwasher

See this short presentation and learn more about our in-line fully automatic drumwasher.