Anmasi in German offensive (27.03.2017)

Anmasi in German offensive (27.03.2017)

Grindsted-based company opens German subsidiary in cooperation with KSN Industri.

It is a cliché that two plus two can make five, but nevertheless it is the expectation of Anmasi and KSN Industry with the new subsidiary Anmasi GmbH.

- We are strong on chemicals, filtration, ultrasonic cleaners and conveyor washers with ultrasound while KSN have everything within conveyor washers, and drumwashers with spraying and automation. We have chosen to work together instead of working against each other, so we can each produce what we are good at, says Anders Hedeby Sørensen, sales manager at Anmasi.

The subsidiary is based in Wuppertal, where the company has its own storage facilities and demonstration rooms with three or four machines. In addition, the two companies have hired a service and sales representative.

Four plants to one customer
Germany is not new to Anmasi. Last year alone,  half the company's sales went to the German market.

- We had a German customer last year, which makes switching rings for gearboxes, which bought four large plants. The plant is with ultrasonic cleaning, spraywashing and air drying in an automatic conveyor process, says Anders Hedeby Sørensen.

The expectation is, however, that the new setup can provide customers more complete solutions rather than just individual machines. It involves automation, feeding systems, belt conveyors, robots, chemicals and filtration systems - all from a single supplier.

- Previously, neither we nor KSN could come up with a complete solution, but we can now. And it is a solution that no one else in Northern Europe can in the market for cleaning and degreasing machines, and we must take advantage of this, says Anders Hedeby Sørensen.

The company was formally founded in October, and the first few plants are also sold in the new company.

- It takes some time, but we send a lot of offers out, so it will come, says Anders Hedeby Sørensen.

- Our goal is within the next five years to be the largest manufacturer in Northern Europe within full automatic washing solutions. We must compete on complete solutions.